American Grim

American Grim

Heartbreak Heroes

Thu · February 23, 2017

7:00 pm


This event is all ages

Heartbreak Heroes
Heartbreak Heroes was formed in 2014 , from a group of teenagers in range from 13 - 18 yrs . All have came from a musically back grounds and are striving to Start their Careers in the Music Industry.
Alec Thompson (15) Founder of Hollywood Uprising and Heartbreak Heroes Wanted to start a band with kids his age and started looking for members, wanting to do something that most kids their age don't really have time for, making great music, Alex Rivera (20) an amazing drummer that was a biggest part of the search, drummers are the hardest to find that can hold their own, reaching out to friends they found Sean Sutherland (18) an amazing young guitarist from the small town of Enid fit right in, able to play with great mixed style of music, Wyatt Blackwood Bass (17) came from a metal back ground with passion for all music and playing very advanced, after releasing their first video in January of 2014 they have started gaining ground, they have been making new friends everywhere and playing shows with amazing turn outs making friends not only in their demographic but a vast group of people young and old
Venue Information:
Mesa Theater
538 Main St
Grand Junction, CO, 81501