Strong Survive Presents


Slo Pain, Eric Biddines, Izzy Dunfore

Fri · November 10, 2017

8:00 pm

$25.00 - $75.00

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This event is all ages

The Atlanta metropolitan area stretches on for at least 30 miles beyond the Georgia Dome and the World of Coke. Peachtree Street (conspicuously void of actual peach trees) stretches up through several counties, changing its name a number of times, confusing the tourists and the transplants. Furthest to the north of the metro area, sits Gwinnett County; sprawling and well-populated by a mix of out-
of-towners hoping to indulge in a slice of that oft-mentioned American Pie: a house in a subdivision with a yard for the kids. After closer observation though, it's apparent that the suburbs of Gwinnett are the digs to many who don't fit the cookie cutter, Stepford lifestyle. The county, more frequently being referred to as the Northside, boasts both million dollar homes on golf courses as well as drug hubs in neighborhoods riddled with gang activity. The Northside, essentially, is in stark contradiction to itself. Rapper Rittz is the Northside.
Raised in Gwinnett County, Rittz embodies the same level of irony and self-conflict as his hometown. Born into a musical family, he, his twin sister and their brother had always been exposed to the inner workings of music. The fact that their parents were heavily into rock and roll ensured that the kids were always around instruments or in studios. The family moved from small-town Pennsylvania (Waynesburg) to the Atlanta outskirts when he was eight years old, and once Rittz got to junior high, his musical tastes evolved. Atlanta's booming bass and rap movement had traveled north on I-85 to get the entire metro area jumping.
"When I moved here, I was introduced to rap music. When I started rapping, I was listening to any early Rap-A-Lot records, like Willie D, Geto Boys… Kilo [Ali] was like the first. So when I started at 12 years old, my early raps, I tried to rap like them," he explains, "But the early Outkast, and Goodie Mob was really the beginning of me wanting to rap and imitate them in finding my own style. Me and another guy were actually in a group called Ralo and Rittz [1995-2003], we were like the white Outkast, or we tried to be like that. I had a studio in my basement, and we put out a bunch of tapes in Gwinnett. I felt like we were one of the first, if not the first... There were only maybe one or two other people rapping in Gwinnett at the time, from '95 to 2000."
During the earlier part of the millennium though, around 2003, Rittz had hit a wall. After eight years, he and Ralo had matured in different directions. His promising buzz had led to countless disappointments. "I won Battlegrounds on Hot 107.9, got retired and shit and felt like I was 'bout to make it. But, so many industry up and downs, with managers, contracts…" He was dead broke, feeling dejected, and living with friends- ready to resign from the rap game before even taking his rightful place in it. It wasn't until 2009 when he'd randomly received a call from another flamespitter who was repping an area as under-the-radar as Gwinnett was. "I had some money behind me." Rittz says, "Everything was going good and then everything fell out, at the same time, I'm getting older, thinking it's time to hang it up. This isn't gonna happen and that's when Yelawolf put me on 'Box Chevy.' [on Yelawolf's Trunk Muzik]."
Nowadays, the rap career of Gwinnett-raised Rittz is rapidly on the rise. From his affliation with one of the hottest new rappers coming out of the South to his first mixtape, Rittz White Jesus (hilariously inspired by a friend's term of endearment), everything is coming together now, two years after he nearly lost everything. These days he's booking late night studio sessions, and still clocking in to work early the next day. "I see both sides: the regular, working class type shit and then I've also seen a lot of the street shit that goes on here, some people that are blind to that here, may never have seen it." Rittz says he's "just a normal guy who raps"- a contradiction if there ever was one- but he makes you believe, with the humility of the everyman and the talent of a superstar.
Slo Pain
Slo Pain
Troll, also known as SLO PAIN, started rapping in a jail cell in 2002.
With nothing to do but read books or write songs he developed a taste of rhymes similar to what he listened to while growing up. Troll thrives on music! Some of his most inspiring artists are Ice Cube, ICP, Tech n9ne, twisted, Sugar Free and even old school Easy E, 2pac and Brotha Lynch. When he got out of jail he went straight to a halfway house. While in the halfway house he would go to school and use the computers to look up other local rappers on Myspace and found the scene that best suits his genre. The Horror Core scene in Denver has a lot of underground talent and a huge fan base, but it was hard for Troll to adapt with such a large amount of underground rappers. Fans wouldn't listen to just anybody. That's when he started changing his style so he could gain a fan base and start making his name and record label (Slo Pain Reckordz) more known in the state of Colorado.

Troll calls his style of music Dark rap or murder music.
Dark rap is a compilation of several different styles of rap, such as Horror Core, Hip Hop, Gangster Rap and even Club rap. After a year and a half of promoting his name and his style of music he gained a fan base. As his fan base grew he booked more and more openings for shows. Troll has opened for many artists, such as Esham, Any Body Killa, Black Pegasus, Liquid Assassin Scum and more. He has also played at the Gathering Of Juggalo's 2008. Troll is known for his very hype and energetic stage performance and for the ability to get the crowd motivated to the point where the venue shacks and walls crack. He is also known to open and close the show all in one set due to draining the energy from his fans.

Troll now has 2 other artists on his record label, several different lines of merchandise, one CD produced and another CD about to drop in mid 2009 titled "HIGHWAY EIGHTY SICKS"! The new CD HIGHWAY EIGHTY SICKS is going to blow the doors off the hinges and knock any other CD off the shelf with its new flavor and fresh collabs with Colorado's sickest and biggest names in the game. Troll is currently seeking out-of-state shows that will get him promotions and more Colorado opening slots with bigger named artists. For more info on Troll or Slo Pain Reckordz please visit the myspace links listed below. For booking info please email us at: slopainreckordz@yahoo.com.
Izzy Dunfore
Izzy Dunfore is a genuinely talented and exciting hip hop artist who has the drive, as well as the charisma, to be the next big thing. His influences begin in the Midwest of the U.S. and reach out all over the globe. He has collaborated with over 100 artists, written over 200 songs, and continues to wow audiences everytime he takes the stage. Born Lucas Lloyd Hewitt (9-11-80), Izzy Dunfore has made many connections through his work. He began his rap career recording under the name Luke Dogg and released his first recordings locally on an album called "Little Black Cap on a White Boy" in 2002.

He learned a lot from recording that album because it was his first time in the studio, paying for studio time, so he paid attention to everything the engineers showed him. In 2003, Izzy bought his own recording equipment and began production from home. His first attempts were captured and released that same year on an album called "Double Diamond Presents...". This was about the same time Izzy moved to Des Moines for the third time in four years. He was getting tired of working for other people, always being told what to do, and just going through the motions. Izzy wanted to be held to a higher standard.

He knew if he were going to reach his potential and expectations, he was going to have to live the part. He began selling drugs to make extra money, hung out at strip clubs, and started battling other mc's every week. This was a true test of Izzy's strength in the streets, as well as his ability and raw talent behind a microphone. By 2004, Izzy was living a fast paced life, but going no where in a hurry. He was working on a mixtape called "Originally Jacked" when he began planning a new beginning. Luke Dogg was growing to the point of change, and the "dogg" label was certainly beyond played out in the hip hop culture, and so the name Izzy Dunfore was adopted. He would become the one who never quits or gives up, no matter what is thrown at him.

The change was kept a secret until after the release of "Originally Jacked" and was met with many obsticals and hurdles to overcome. In 2005, decisions Izzy had made in the past couple years caught up to him. He was arrested in 2004, and while on probation, was raided by Ames and Story County Police and Drug Task Force. Unsure about his future, Izzy wrote two songs that would eventually break him into radio under his new name, Izzy Dunfore, which had lived up to it's creation right off the bat. The first song was called "I Can Deal With the Rain". At that time, Tony Tarbox was the host of "The Garage" a radio show which promoted local artists. He liked the song and asked if there was any other material available. Izzy offered him "Another Song of Mine". In that song, Izzy named the undercover officer who filed for the warrant to search his home. The Ames Police Department heard the song on the radio, called the station, and requested a copy of the song for their records.

Soon after, Izzy was asked to guest host "The Garage" and discuss the situation on air. This made the name Izzy Dunfore official, and the debut album "Only I" was released that same year. While "Only I" was being pressed up by Discmakers, Izzy Dunfore met Kombine began working as a group called "Simply Komplik8d". Together, Izzy and Kombine wrote and released "Front Page Newz" under White Trash Records. This was one of the busiest times of Izzy's life and career. He was on probation, in college, working a full time job, marketing a solo album, writing a group album, booking shows and pushing harder than ever before to create a "buzz". In 2006, just a few months after "Front Page Newz" was released, they put out another mixtape called "The Dunfore Project", which featured Kombine and Izzy along with collaborations from many other artists and friends in the MidWest. "Simply Komplik8d" was eventually prospected by DJ Starscream (#0 of Slipknot) and approached to be a part of his upcoming label, Tuff Bong Records.

They recorded eight songs with the new label when Starscream decided to sign Izzy Dunfore as a solo project, rather than Simply Komplik8d as a group. This put the group at odds and in March of 2007, the group split. In December 2007, Tuff Bong Records released the self titled album "Izzy Dunfore" into the world. "From start to finish, this record is a hit!" Izzy was given high expectations for this album, and shared the hopes of great success himself, however conflicts, cancellations, and internal management quarrels left Tuff Bong Records in ruins and left Izzy caught in the middle. He was made an offer to buy out his contract with the label, and did exactly that. Today, through all the drama and turbulence, Izzy Dunfore has found a friend and DJ in Fate, born Samuel Elgin (4-28-82). Izzy and Fate have been performing together across the country for thousands of fans. In 2009, Izzy and Fate moved to Minnesota and openned up the Dunfore Ranch which is home to Dunfore Records. The first release from Dunfore Records is "Fields of Opportunity", a double disc album. Izzy and Fate are currently touring and promoting the "Fields of Opportunity" album, and will be working with many artists along the road. Don't miss your chance to catch this act!! The World is DUNFORE!!!!
Venue Information:
Mesa Theater
538 Main St
Grand Junction, CO, 81501