Whining Pussies w/ TANKERAYS + Truckstop Quickies

Whining Pussies w/ TANKERAYS + Truckstop Quickies

The Tankerays, The Truckstop Quickies

Sat · July 14, 2018

8:00 pm


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This event is all ages

The Tankerays
The Tankerays
In an era when image wins out over substance all too often, leave it to Grand Junction, Colorado to come to the rescue, by way of a 3-piece Vintage/Psychobilly band: The Tankerays.
On their debut album, titled "Freight Train To Hell", The Tankerays combine vintage rock-riffs with infectious hooks and punk rock attitude for a raw, honest, and real sound that is at once universal and completely their own.
The Tankerays, at present, consist of singer/songwriter Brian Mora (Orig. from Denver, CO), bassist called"Lester" (Real name withheld for privacy purposes), (Orig. from Chicago, IL)
& Michael Thornburg, originally from Hammond, IN.
Within just a year they would become a dynamic trio with well over 20 songs written and a debut album, Freight Train to Hell...recorded out of Shedd Records and Mr. John James, It was the result of this exceptional collaboration of efforts that produced and molded what has become The Tankerays's unique sound.
This album is both demanding and in demand and - above all else- not to be missed. Influenced by their love for such acts as The Cramps, The Ghastly Ones, Link Wray, The Neo Tones, and others, they have combined rock's history with their own modern sensibilities and innate abilities to form a sound that is timeless. From the post-apocalyptic guitar assault of "Freight Train To Hell" to the Surf Punk instrumental that is "Swims With Sharks" to the soul-wrenching honesty exhibited in "Rainbow Colored Twinkie Fluid" to the rebellious cries of a new generation found in "Graveyard Shift", there is an obvious demand for change.
And The Tankerays is ready to step up to the plate and make this change. As a matter of fact, they have left very little undone in the laying of the groundwork for their release. Playing out as often as possible throughout the Colorado Western Slope and Denver area, they have tuned and sharpened their act into a true barn-burning, ear-splitting, soul-shaker event that could easily insight a crowd to have a great time, if nothing else!
With a stellar band, an exhilarating live show and a red-hot album, all that The Tankerays has left to capture is their public at large… and there is no doubt they will.
This album is a necessity for fans of music that is genuine, relentless, and without compromise. So long as there is enough money for gas and replacement guitar-strings, The Tankerays are rip-roaring-ready to go. They intend to support their debut by hitting the road and tearing it up on as many stages as possible. Not surprisingly, this is where the tireless rock chanteuse feels most at home...
"There's nothing better than the feeling of performing live," Mora explains. "No matter how busy with our individual lives we are, when we walk off stage there is only one thing we can think of - the next time we can walk back on."
The Truckstop Quickies
The Truckstop Quickies
A kickass alternative/punk rock band consisting of Sterling Gray, Scott Stephenson, Billy T. Billy and Samuel Joseph.
Venue Information:
Mesa Theater
538 Main St
Grand Junction, CO, 81501