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*SOLD OUT* Atmosphere

Dem Atlas, Lioness, Dj Keezy

Sat · February 2, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


Sold Out

This event is all ages

Defining success is not an exact science by any means. In some ways, it’s
especially difficult to quantify one’s success when they have a job that places
them in the public eye, a position that is ripe for critique and high expectations.
Perhaps those who best thrive in those scenarios are the ones who can navigate
through all noise and continue to evolve and grow, both in their skill sets and as
In many ways, that is an integral part of the Atmosphere story. Over their twenty-
year career they have managed to continually tweak and strive to perfect their
formula, while neither straying too far off their path, nor resorting to playing it
safe. Starting at 1997’s Overcast, the group’s first official album, and traveling
through 18 years of new albums, side projects (e.g. the Sad Clown series and
Felt), and various collaborations, all the way up until 2014’s Southsiders album,
Atmosphere’s music has evolved in a way that differs from many of their peers
and predecessors. A hard look at that evolution doesn’t reveal the commonalities
of following trends or struggling to fit in, by either over-extending in an effort to
stay cool to the younger generation, or succumbing to the pressure people tend
to place on artists to maintain the same sound from album to album. Instead, the
Atmosphere discography evolves in a natural way.
Musically, Ant has continued to define Atmosphere’s sound, ranging from a
healthy mixture of upbeat and fun, to the oft more iconic, moody and personal.
Through out the 1990s, Ant spent countless hours in his basement with a wealth
of records, a keyboard sampler, a turntable and a 4-track, working with a who’s
who of the Twin Cities’ Rap talent of that time. Those experiences tuned his ear,
molded his work ethic, and shaped his vision. In turn, those lessons have
continually become more prominent in the Atmosphere aesthetic, blending live
musicians and sampled production with his keen sense of how to compose a
well-arranged song.
As for the lyrics, Slug started his passion for rhyming with an obsessive-like
penchant for the way words intersect, as well as how those words can be
manipulated for unexpected and clever meanings. But, at the same time, early on
Slug expressed an interest in doing more than simply proving he could be witty,
but also writing about subjects that speak to people personally, as well as
emotionally. These practices also naturally helped the Atmosphere fan base to
expand beyond the usual independent Hip Hop audience, extending their reach
to an alternative audience who also related to the personable appeal and
emotional range of both Slug’s songwriting and Ant’s musical backdrops.
Particularly, Slug has been consistently successful in leveraging his
understanding for the power of words, recognizing that a song containing the
right story or personal perspective can be extremely effective in capturing and
holding the listener’s attention.
Undoubtedly, the impact of Atmosphere’s music has been the roots to their long-
term success, but their continued rigorous touring and performance schedule has
been the vessel for engraining these stories and the legacy of the music into their

fan base. Early on in their careers, Atmosphere stepped beyond the genre lines
and performed shows through out the Twin Cities with Rock bands, Punk Rock
bands, and Jazz Ensembles. This was directly influenced by the fact that both of
them were already fans of a wide range of music. Although this was a natural
reaction to being a fan of the music, that experience also afforded Atmosphere,
and their Rhymesayers peers, the opportunity to witness first-hand the D.I.Y
ethos shared by some of these other musical movements. Atmosphere began to
apply many of these tactics and work ethics to their growth, which was
specifically influential in the development of Atmosphere’s approach to touring.
These strategies found Atmosphere expanding their tours into cities that few, if
any, Rap artists were including in their routing. The result is a storied connection
between the artists and the listeners, which has grown into long-term
Atmosphere fans passing down that experience to their children and so on, and
thus continually ushering in a new generation of Atmosphere fans. Early on in
their touring excursions, Atmosphere shows were noted in history for challenging
the idea that Hip Hop audiences had to be filled exclusively with scowl-faced
males fueled by ego and testosterone. Instead they created an environment that
invited women to join in on the party. All of these factors have led to a fan base
that ranges from ages 14-54 and beyond, and one that remains solid, as well as
ever evolving.
As Atmosphere steps into their 21 st  year of making music, Slug & Ant show no
signs of slowing, compromising or losing sight of their vision. Nor has time
revealed any diminishing of those qualities that have brought them this far. As
2016 swung into gear, Atmosphere had already ended the previous year and led
into another with a string of singles, and still have an abundance of music on the
way, including their latest album, “Fishing Blues”. The title of the new album
speaks directly to the sentiments that opened this bio; Is this the point in the
career where Atmosphere chooses to step back, put up the Gone Fishin’ sign
and reminisce about their successes? The answer, a resounding no, is found in
the music, a collection of songs that both define and redefine the Atmosphere
sound. Their passion and creative spark are as illuminate as ever. Slug and Ant
still have plenty of stories to tell…
Dem Atlas
Dem Atlas
Rapper and producer from St. Paul, Minnesota.
Venue Information:
Mesa Theater
538 Main St
Grand Junction, CO, 81501